Telecommunication is of the oldest and most important infrastructural sectors in the world with Wireless and Broadband as well as Fiber Optic technologies helping the growth and development of the country. We also come across Regulatory, Compliance, Licensing, Tariff issues faced by today’s organizations.


The current 3G and 4G wireless technologies are making way to the futuristic 5G technologies which are still undergoing massive implementation and infrastructural change.

Recently, we have also seen the onset and enablement of GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulations) in most of the worldwide Technology companies specifically rendering services and established in the EU. It is therefore not a farfetched idea that GDPR will also be implemented in India for securing the data and privacy of all its members so that the same does not fall in wrong hands.


In view of the dynamic nature of the sector and keeping abreast with the upcoming changes we provide legal assistance, support and advisory in all Telecom related matters and in resolving all Telecommunication related Disputes.

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